French Video Editor M/F (Creator Program) - Freelance

Job description

Freelance Mission

As a Video editor within the Creator Program, you are responsible for the creation and production of content. You will be using your story telling skills and technical video editing ability to edit and produce some of the biggest social video content, working with creators, community managers and content strategists, to ensure consistent output of content on the pages you will manage.


  • Think outside of the box and innovate on social media.
  • Implement new ideas and collaborate with your team to come up with the best solutions.
  • Continue growing the Creator Program, and test new content creators on multiple social media platforms.

Your principal assignments will include:

  • Create dynamic videos for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat or YouTube
  • Adding editorial understanding to the production of each video
  • Finding the most effective ways to adapt content from YouTube to Facebook
  • Testing and launching new pages
  • Using data analysis to maximize video performance
  • Finding new and exciting formats content on social media
  • You will be connected from 10am to 18:00pm office hours to support the internal team


Job requirements:

  • Strong communication skills (French native + English operational)
  • Have experience in editing, especially for social media platforms
  • Are passionate about video content on social media and interested in investing in an ambitious project
  • Perfectly master Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Are extremely well-versed in social media platforms (including YouTube) and know the various codes for videos on each platform
  • Have a deep understanding of sourcing, copyright, research and analytics
  • Are creative, persistent, curious, flexible and hard-working.


1/ video editing test

2/ video interview with the Creator Program team (Lead video editor + Recruiter) - (30 minutes)