Storyteller / Writer Animals (Naturee) H/F

Job description

Here at Naturee, it doesn’t matter whether your favorite critters are cats, dogs, or even lemurs! What matters is that you genuinely love animals, as much - if not more - as you love your fellow humans. 

Our team is small but big-hearted, and animated by a thirst to discover and share the cutest, most surprising or fascinating videos about animals. We aim to advocate for animals, and to shed light on some of the challenges they face.

Our social media pages have millions of fans following hamster woes, cat adventures, or dogs goofing around. What we want is to spread a positive and kind message in our content, with a touch of humor. Because that’s just how we are in real life, too. 

So if you want to join a group of friends that like a good pun and love nature, apply now!

We are looking for a storyteller/writer M/F. Your mission will be to write scripts capable of moving our audience, all while fulfilling their expectations. 

You will be responsible for :

  • Writing every script and tagline for our channel in order to generate emotions and improve retention,
  • Analysing the expectations and the behavior of our audience in order to adapt content while engaging them (surveys, Facebook pages, etc.),
  • Keeping a continuous watch and ask for rights related to our audience’s expectations.


  • You are 100% fluent in English and French,
  • You have a perfect knowledge and understanding of American culture,
  • You have excellent writing skills and can adapt your style depending on the subject,
  • You have a good grasp of video culture on social media and are passionate about animals,
  • You have an analytic mind and are comfortable with figures and statistics,
  • You are well organized, with a good understanding of our competitors, and you can keep a continuous watch,
  • You are flexible and reactive, you have good people skills and you are a team player.