Video Editor M/F (Creator Program) - CDD

Job description

[During this period, our recruitments are still on-going even if we adapted our recruitment process. All of our interviews, are taking place in full remote]

Creator’s Program team members come from all parts of the world. This colorful and international squad is made of people with diverse backgrounds, backstories, but one common goal: help YouTube’s most influential creators, thrive and succeed on other platforms.

Our team is getting bigger every month, and we’re looking for people who spend hours on the internet, love social media or have amazing skills in video editing, memes and jokes.

Enduring cold temperatures, having an original haircut or loving mexican food is a big plus if you want to join the team, but it isn’t mandatory.

If you’re extroverted, outgoing and have a great sense of humour, you’ll feel at home !

Apply now !

Your principal assignments will include:

  • Adding editorial understanding to the production of each video,
  • Editing short, dynamic, striking video,
  • Finding the most effective ways to adapt content from YouTube to Facebook,
  • Testing and launching new pages, 
  • Using data analysis to maximize video performance, 
  • Finding new content on social media.



  • have a degree in editing or audiovisual studies, 
  • are passionate about video content on social media and interested in investing in an ambitious project, 
  • are fluent in english,
  • are extremely well-versed in social media platforms (including YouTube) and know the various codes for videos on each platform, 
  • have a deep understanding of social networks and a good idea of how sourcing, copyright, research and monitoring work, 
  • are creative, persistent, curious, flexible and hard-working.